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The World to Come

The Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age

Ruth Montgomery

Cover of The World to Come

In The World to Come, best-selling author Ruth Montgomery presents a wealth of new material revisiting and recasting predictions made in her earlier books about who we are, where we are headed, and how we can cope with political and natural upheavals that loom in our future.

During the 1960s, while working as a syndicated political columnist, Ruth Montgomery had an encounter with psychic phenomenon. Highly skeptical in the beginning, her exploration of the phenomenon eventually led to a series of articles and books. Through these writings, Ruth Montgomery has been at the forefront of popularizing such subjects as reincarnation, extraterrestrial visitation, life after death, and cataclysmic Earth changes. Many rank her remarkable powers of foresight with those of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.

Now, in her first book in more than a dozen years, she again uses these powers to offer her readers a glimpse into our future. With the clarity and candor that has won her so many fans, Ruth gives a tour of the next century and beyond. She again discusses the dramatic shift of the Earth on its axis that her Guides say will be later than previously predicted, and she now provides information about what areas will be safest as the severe global weather patterns continue to intensify. Also, her Guides indicate that both the walk-in president and his nemesis are already here, but they will not reach major political positions until sometime in the next decade. In addition, Ruth shares the stories of numerous people from ancient Palestine, including herself, who have been reincarnated at this time to help bring peace and healing to the world.

Finally, in what she intends as her farewell book, Ruth offers a warm and fascinating look at her own life and work.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The World to Comep. 9
1.  Messages from Beyondp. 23
2.  Delay of the Shiftp. 42
3.  What Is' God's Plan?p. 60
4.  Earth Changesp. 67
5.  Human Preparednessp. 78
6.  Pets and Wildlifep. 84
7.  Alien Visitationsp. 88
8.  The Walk-In Presidentp. 97
9.  The Antichristp. 106
10.  The Aftermathp. 112
11.  The Apostles Returnp. 117
12.  Other Palestiniansp. 127
13.  Lazarus Lives Againp. 132
14.  The Milleniump. 148
p. 154
p. 155

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