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Warning: The videotapes listed below were produced a few years back by the A.R.E., but they have since been repackaged and sold as a different series under different names, the list of which can be found here. Therefore, don't be fooled. Neither series is new. If you bought the New Millenium series listed below when it came out, you do not need to purchase the new series. On the other hand, if you didn't get the New Millenium series when it came out, you may be interested in their new incarnation.

“This TV series, produced with the PBS station WHRO, is something everyone will want for their home library of Cayce education resources. The programs are also a great way to introduce these new ideas to friends and family members.”

   John Van Auken

Explore the most important topics of the Cayce readings, with timely insights for living in the 21st century.

Hosted by Dr. Mark Thurston
Each show features lively, informative dialogue about ideas for understanding and living in the new millenium.

“Soul Powers”
New Millenium Video: Soul Powers

Program 1: Intuition and Creativity.
Artist Meryl Ann Butler describes the creative resources that live within each and every one of us. Learn how your intuition is the key for connecting to that creativity.

Program 2: The Power of Free Will.
Psychotherapist Scott Sparrow examines a resource of the soul, easily forgotten and rarely used to its potential: our freedom to make choices and to shape our futures.

Price: $24.95

“Rediscovering Healing Potentials”
New Millenium Video: Rediscovering Healing Potentials

Program 1: Touch Healing.
Spiritual healing teacher Meredith Puryear describes the growing evidence for the power of healing touch. Discover how this ancient approach may play a part in your own healing process.

Program 2: Natural Healing.
Naturopathic physician Dana Myatt explains how the ancient wisdom of nature-based medicines and remedies has a vital role in the treatment of many illnesses today.

Price: $24.95

“Frontiers of Healing”
New Millenium Video: Frontiers of Healing

Program 1: Holistic Healing.
Author and health researcher David McMillin describes innovative body-mind-spirit approaches to healing.

Program 2: Energy Medicine.
Physician and author Dr. Eric Mein presents the principles of what may become the heart of 21st-century medicine. Find out how energy medicine may have a place in your own healing.

Price: $24.95

“The Dreaming Mind”
New Millenium Video: The Dreaming Mind

Program 1: The World of Dreams.
Psychologist Henry Reed describes the helpful guidance available to us every night as we sleep. Learn how to start appreciating and understanding the dream wisdom of your soul-mind.

Program 2: Telepathic Dreaming.
Parapsychologist Doug Richards explains the fascinating realms of psychic dreaming. Discover how your dreams are sometimes mind-to-mind communication with loved ones and friends.

Price: $24.95

New Millenium Video: Prophecy

Program 1: Inner Earth Changes.
Author Lynn Sparrow describes how changing times usually touch us first at a personal level. Learn how you can cope with stressful times and be a creative influence in the new millenium.

Program 2: Prophecies of World Changes.
Author Rob Grant outlines the Cayce earth-change and world affairs predictions. Learn a hopeful vision for how these challenging times can usher in a bright future.

Price: $24.95

“Spiritual Awareness”
New Millenium Video: Spiritual Awareness

Program 1: Synchronicity.
Counselor Raye Mathis presents Carl Jung's theory of meaningful coincidences. Learn how to recognize and respond to daily synchronicity so as to enhance spiritual sensitivity.

Program 2: Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Living.
Author Scott Sparrow explains the most dramatic kind of sleep experience: knowing that you're dreaming while the dream is still going on. Learn how lucid dreaming impacts daily life.

Price: $24.95

“Psychic Ability”
New Millenium Video: Psychic Ability

Program 1: Varieties of ESP.
Professional intuitive and author Carol Ann Liaros provides an outline of the varieties of psychic ability. Explore the practical side of ESP.

Program 2: Seeking Psychic Guidance.
Professional intuitive Mary Roach gives valuable advice on how to consult with a psychic. Find out the best ways to use intuitive resources in making important decisions.

Price: $24.95

“Unexplained Mysteries”
New Millenium Video: Unexplained Mysteries

Program 1: Mystical Egypt.
Author John Van Auken takes you back to the era of the Pharaohs. Learn what the builders of ancient Egyptian monuments knew about the secrets of mind and spirit.

Program 2: Life After Death.
Psychiatrist George Ritchie tells about his own near-death experience, what he learned about the process of dying, and what we can expect on “the other side”.

Price: $24.95

“Meditative Consciousness”
New Millenium Video: Meditative Consciousness

Program 1: Meditation.
Teachers Lynn Sparrow and John Van Auken offer practical insights for deepening your meditation life. Learn the time-tested methods for spiritual inspiration and conscious connection with the soul.

Program 2: The Healing Breath.
Breathwork facilitator and meditation teacher Kathleen Barratt describes simple steps for experiencing deep, conscious breathing as a powerful pathway to greater health and deeper meditation.

Price: $24.95

“Practical Spirituality”
New Millenium Video: Practical Spirituality

Program 1: Intuitive Parenting.
Child Psychologist Charles Thomas Cayce describes methods for bringing spirituality into the home, with an emphasis on how parents can use intuition to be more sensitive to their children as souls.

Program 2: Healing Attitudes and Emotions.
Psychotherapist Tom Baker explores how to get beyond victim consciousness and fear. Learn ways to heal the past through forgiveness and love.

Price: $24.95

“Past Lives”
New Millenium Video: Past Lives

Program 1: Reincarnation and Healing Relationships.
Author/ seminar speaker John Van Auken tells how the ancient theory of rebirth is one key for understanding our modern-day, personal relationships.

Program 2: The Akashic Records.
Author Kevin Todeschi takes us on an exploration of the mysteries of our own soul records. Find out how you can start to access that profound information about your soul and its distant past.

Price: $24.95

“Intuition and Health”
New Millenium Video: Intuition and Health

Program 1: Intuitive Healing.
Intuitive Gillian Spencer describes her work with physicians in diagnosing illness. Learn how you can start using your intuition to promote self-healing.

Program 2: Body Wisdom.
Doctor of Oriental Medicine Roger Jahnke examines ways that each of us can connect to the healer within. Find out about four simple methods to awaken your body's innate wisdom.

Price: $24.95

“Soul's Purpose”
New Millenium Video: Soul's Purpose

Program 1: Discovering Your Talents.
Counselor and university professor Dr. Paula Justice shows how to identify the talents and strenghts which are vital to our life's purpose.

Program 2: Finding Your Life's Purpose.
Author and psychologist Dr. Charles Thomas Cayce describes how you can use the life readings given by his grandfather, Edgar Cayce, in order to discover your own mission in life.

Price: $24.95

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