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Important note: The videotapes listed below are in NTSC format only (North American): PAL and SECAM versions (European) are not available.

Warning: The videotapes listed below are part of a series produced a few years back by the A.R.E. under the name “New Millenium”. Therefore, they are not new. If you bought the New Millenium series when it came out, you do not need to purchase the tapes listed below. For a full list of the New Millenium series, click here.

Video: Edgar Cayce on Practical Spirituality
Edgar Cayce on Practical Spirituality

Edgar Cayce emphasized the link between the mind and the material world. Learn some of the best methods for transfroming your fear, resentment and guilt into optimism, forgiveness and appreciation. See why so many people have had their lives changed by Edgar Cayce's ideas.

Price: $24.98
Video: Edgar Cayce on Healing
Edgar Cayce on Healing

Many of today's most remarkable methods for wellness - such as nutrition, exercise, meditation and the important role of attitudes and emotions - were all recommended by Edgar Cayce decades ago. Experience the breadth of Cayce's vision of healing and discover what it can mean to your own good health.

Price: $24.98
Video: Edgar Cayce on Intuition
Edgar Cayce on Intuition

Intuition demonstrates levels of the mind that we're just beginning to understand. Learn some of the methods that Cayce recommended for experiencing the practical, life-changing ability of your mind to be intuitive. By following the Cayce approach, you'll enhance your own intuition and experience more deeply the underlying oneness that links all life.

Price: $24.98
Video: Edgar Cayce on Dreams
Edgar Cayce on Dreams

Edgar Cayce firmly believed that dreams have meaning and described a detailed way of understanding your dreams. Hear from dream researchers who have found creative techniques for deciphering dreams. An amazing world of dreams is just waiting for your personal exploration and the jorney that will begin again tonight.

Price: $24.98

Edgar Cayce Box Set Including All Four Videos Listed Above

One Pioneer of holistic health care in the 20th century was the medical clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce - even labeled by the Journal of the American Medical Association as the “father of holistic medicine.” On more than 9,000 occasions over 43 years of work, Cayce used his remarkable intuitive diagnostic skill to pinpoint the causes of baffling illnesses and to recommend treatments.

He also covered many other areas of interest, such as dreams, intuition, meditation, prayer, some of which are presented in this collection.

Price: $79.98

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