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Transitions of the Soul

True Stories from Ordinary People

Nick Bunick

Cover of Transitions of the Soul

Death is not an ending, but a transition of the soul. Here are true-life stories of ordinary men, women, and children who no longer fear death or grieve for deceased loved ones. Why? Because they know the human spirit survives death - and lives on. But how do they know this with such certainty?

The proof lies in what they have seen with their own eyes and felt with their own hearts. Each was present when a grandmother, best friend, spouse, or child appeared to them in a luminous visitation to ease their grief and to show them that no one had really died. They were graced to witness angels, or Jesus, or other spiritual beings who came to announce the well-being of their recently passed dear ones.

Here, told in simple but emotionally rich words, are seventy-eight unforgettable tales of grief allayed and solace attained. Housewives, mechanics and mothers, sons and daughters, truck drivers and nurses, young and old - all attest to the survival of the spirit after death. What is remarkable is that many of them had no previous mystical experiences or even beliefs that such occurences were possible.

Read their miraculous stories and you'll begin to understand why Nick Bunick, subject of The Messengers, assures us that with every transition of the soul, grief dissolves and it is only death that dies.

Table of Contents

Part One / Visitationsp. 1
Mother's Light
I Am Never Alone
The Rock of Gibraltar
I'll Be There in Spirit
The Little Girl
My Daughter
The Truth
Mom's Special Gifts
The Funeral
Going Home
Well, I'm Going Now!
The Violets
Our Final Good-bye
I'm here, Tilton, I'm Here
My Best Friend
The Apartment
The Envelope
Sweetest Sister
The Vision
Rob's Return
Dearest Jim
The Divine Love
The Visit
Aunt Margie, Dad, and Liz
I Know You're With Me, Doug
p. 3
p. 6
p. 10
p. 14
p. 17
p. 19
p. 21
p. 22
p. 24
p. 26
p. 33
p. 37
p. 41
p. 43
p. 46
p. 48
p. 52
p. 54
p. 57
p. 60
p. 62
p. 64
p. 67
p. 71
p. 74
p. 77
p. 78
p. 84
p. 86
Part Two / Angelsp. 89
Catch That Bus
The Day That Death Transformed Life
The Guardians
The Angels and Grandma
Good-bye, I Love You
A Heavenly Experience
The Witness
Our Journeys
p. 92
p. 98
p. 102
p. 104
p. 107
p. 110
p. 112
p. 115
p. 116
Part Three / Sights, Smells, and Soundsp. 121
Don't Close the Door
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Baby Marc's Life Story
Christmas Spirit
You Will Always Be My Baby
The Rose
The Dairy Queen
The Chimes
The Eagles
Lifting the Veil
Beloved Ashley
The Spiritual Signs
The Rebirth of Baby Jackie
My Beloved
The Music Box
Death's Blessing
In Memory of Paul
p. 125
p. 134
p. 137
p. 143
p. 146
p. 150
p. 155
p. 159
p. 160
p. 163
p. 171
p. 174
p. 177
p. 181
p. 190
p. 192
p. 195
p. 196
p. 199
Part Four / Dreamsp. 203
A Tribute to a Dear Friend
My Dream Visit to the Next Life
Love Everlasting
Mother, I Love You
Healing Dreams
My Bradley
Master Antonio
My Son's Dream
The Balance
White Picket Fences
The Picture
p. 206
p. 212
p. 218
p. 220
p. 222
p. 226
p. 230
p. 236
p. 238
p. 241
p. 242
p. 244
Part Five / Extraordinary Personal Storiesp. 247
Clear Prop
Be Not Afraid
Overwhelming Love
The Service
We Truly Are Spirits
The Soul Departs
Joshua's Lighthouse Angels
Trials and Lessons
My Spiritual Journey
p. 250
p. 254
p. 261
p. 265
p. 267
p. 269
p. 272
p. 275
p. 287
p. 284
p. 293
p. 295
p. 297

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