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Topic: Dreams

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- Dreams, My Lamp Unto the Darkness, Walt Stover
- Dream Interpretation (and more!) Made Easy, Kevin J. Todeschi
- Dreams and Dreaming, Parts I and II: see Edgar Cayce Library Series, vols. 4 and 5
- Dreams, the Language of the Unconscious, Hugh-Lynn Cayce, Tom Clark, Shane Miller and William Petersen
- Dreams, Tonight's Answers for Tomorrow's Questions, Mark Thurston, (also in Italian and Spanish)
- Dreams, Your Magic Mirror, Elsie Sechrist (also in French, Dutch, German, Japanese,Portuguese, Spanish)
- Edgar Cayce on Dreams, Harmon Hartzell Bro (also in French, German)
- The Hidden Power of Dreams, Denise Linn
- How to Interpret Your Dreams : Practical Techniques Based on the Edgar Cayce Approach, Mark A. Thurston.
- In Your Dreams, Gayle Delaney.
- Teach Yourself to Dream - A Practical Guide, David Fontana
- Why Do We Dream?, J. Everett Irion
- Your Dream of Recovery, Shelly Marshall

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