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Topic: Atlantis

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- The A.R.E.'s Search for Atlantis, Gregory L. Little and Lora H. Little
- Atlantis - Fact or Fiction?, Edgar Evans Cayce
- Atlantis - Insights from a Lost Civilization, Shirley Andrews
- Edgar Cayce's Atlantis, Gregory L. Little, Lora H. Little and John Van Auken
- Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, Edgar Evans Cayce (also in Dutch, French, Hebrew and Spanish)
- From Atlantis to the Sphinx, Colin Wilson
- The Lost Hall of Records, John Van Auken and Lora Little
- Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited, Edgar Evans Cayce, Gail Cayce Schwartzer, and Douglas G. Richards, (also in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish).

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