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Guiding Lights Along the Journey of Life

Kathleen R. Prata

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In every moment of the day, the universe is speaking to us, not in a language familiar to our own ears, but in the language of the soul. Through symbolic images and patterns arising from our inner and outer worlds, we are asked to develop a deeper understanding of our soul's purpose according to the Divine Plan.

Often, symbols lead us directly to new homes, new loves, or new jobs. At other times, our higher self uses these images to challenge us to follow the mystery of our unfolding journey. These signs, emblems, and true symbols or archetypes come to our awareness through casual conversations, songs, gifts, dreams, animals that cross our paths, and even our “Freudian slips”. In fact, Edgar Cayce suggested that we utilize symbols to measure our spiritual growth.

This new book invites us to use personal symbols to fulfill our soul's mission. It includes examples of symbols from Cayce's readings, exercises to identify personal symbols, and a symbols dictionary.

Table of Contents


Part One: Guiding Lights - Signs, Emblems, Symbols

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Symbols: The Unspoken Language of the Universe
Dream Symbols
Symbolism in Life Seals
p. 1
p. 18
p. 38

Part Two: Symbols - Some Meanings

Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Shapes and Numbers
Symbols of the Planets
Nature's Symbols
The Symbolism of Our Bodies and Our Environments
Symbols in Action: Ritual and Rites of Passage
p. 53
p. 67
p. 77
p. 93
p. 104
p. 114

Part Three: Appendix

Objects and Their Frequencies in Dreams: The Hall/Van de Castle Research Findingsp. 118

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