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A.R.E. Sponsoring Member Series

These books were written especially for, and mailed to, Sponsoring members of the A.R.E. Afterwards, they were made available for sale to the general public.

Edgar Cayce's Approach to Rejuvenation of the BodyEdgar Cayce's Approach to Rejuvenation of the Body

John Van Auken

This book looks at the body's complex systems and how those systems relate to the promise of longevity. Carefully researched quotations from the Cayce readings are presented to explain what we can do to extend our years.


Transformed LivesTransformed Lives

Joseph Dunn

A sampler of the impact that the Cayce material has had on people throughout the world. Contains a few of the many, many stories and letters attesting to the success of Cayce's commitment to helping others.


The Golden Thread of OnenessThe Golden Thread of Oneness

Jon Robertson

Shows you how to contact the Universal Consciousness, the source of all wisdom from which Edgar Cayce received his readings. Also explores the plan of the “Master Soul” for our spiritual evolution.



Kathleen R. Prata

Learn to use personal symbols to fulfill your soul's mission. Includes examples of symbols from the Edgar Cayce readings, exercises to identify personal symbols, and a symbols dictionary.


Life and DeathLife and Death: The Pilgrimage of the Soul

Harvey A. Green

Looks at the broad spectrum of the soul's existence. Covers the pattern for creation; the threefold nature of body, mind, and soul; the universal laws; and our movement through death to higher realms.


Cover of The Great Teachings of Edgar CayceThe Great Teachings of Edgar Cayce

Mark Thurston

Examines some of the most thought-provoking Edgar Cayce readings and discusses the many ways to use the information for personal development.


More Great Teachings of Edgar CayceMore Great Teachings of Edgar Cayce

Mark Thurston

Offers many ways to use the Cayce readings for personal development. These readings address soul talents, dealing with a changing world, soul development, and the nature of good and evil.


Edgar Cayce on the Reincarnation of Famous PeopleEdgar Cayce on the Reincarnation of Famous People

Kevin J. Todeschi

This “Who's Who” of famous people found in the Cayce material offers insights into the past and hints for your own soul growth in the present.


Edgar Cayce's ESPEdgar Cayce's ESP

Kevin J. Todeschi

An overview of ESP as evidenced in the Edgar Cayce readings, with numerous examples of amazing case histories and documented stories.


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