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The Seven Initiations of the Spiritual Path

Michael Mirdad

Cover of The Seven Initiations of the Spiritual Path

All human beings experience seven major initiations on their journeys toward wholeness. We are always going through these initiations, whether we are conscious of it or not. However, becoming conscious of these tests offers a quantum leap forward on our evolutionary journey.

We all have an indwelling spirit. This means that no matter what paths we've walked, or roads we've chosen, because our spirit was present, they were all spiritual paths. There are no exceptions!

      Discover how everyone must walk, live, and balance the two paths toward wholeness—the spiritual path and the healing path.
      Learn how all roads lead Home and how every path we have walked has been part of your spiritual journey—no matter what it looked like.
      Learn how ancient civlizations used conscious intent to walk through the seven initiations into higher levels of awareness.
      Discover the secret map to enlightenment that has always been used by initiates throughout history.
      Discover the difference between learning life's lessons the easy way versus the hard way.

Table of Contents

Part I   Introduction p. 1
 Getting Started
Initiations and Life's Tests
Two Paths for All
Spirit, Soul, and Body
Chakras, Spiritual Centers, and Initiations
The Meaning of Christ
p. 1
p. 2
p. 2
p. 4
p. 5
p. 6

Part II   The Journey Begins

p. 7
Chapter 1 The Spiritual Path p. 9
 It's All Good; All Paths Lead Home
Learning: The Easy Way or the Hard Way
Living in Balance
The Universe Is a Hologram and Mirror
The Manifestation Process
p. 10
p. 12
p. 15
p. 16
p. 17
Chapter 2 Ancient Initiations p. 19
 Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Initiations
The Sacred Symbolism of Solomon's Temple
The Essenes
The Awakening of Christ Consciousness
Since the Birth of Christianity
p. 20
p. 22
p. 24
p. 25
p. 26
Chapter 3 Modern Initiations p. 27
 A New Way
The Body is a Map for Your Journey
A Modern Parable
p. 28
p. 29
p. 31
Chapter 4 The Variations of Human Consciousness p. 32
 The Separation From God
The Sacred Seven
Two Trinities Dividing One Heart
The Sacred Four
The Four Stages of Human Initiation
My Own Experience of the Four Human Initiations
p. 33
p. 36
p. 37
p. 39
p. 40
p. 41

Part III   The Four Human Initiations

p. 45
Chapter 5 First Initiation: The Body-Earth p. 47
 How It Looks
Getting in Touch With Your Body
Getting Grounded
The Limitations of the Body
The Gifts of the Body
Modern Parallels
Facets of the Body-Earth
p. 48
p. 49
p. 50
p. 51
p. 52
p. 53
p. 53
Chapter 6 Second Initiation: The Emotions-Water p. 55
 How It Looks
The Difference Between Emotions and Feelings
There Are Only Two Emotions
The Emotions Behind Relationships
The Limitations of Emotion
The Gifts of Emotion
Modern Parallels
Facets of the Emotions-Water
p. 56
p. 57
p. 58
p. 59
p. 60
p. 61
p. 63
p. 64
Chapter 7 Third Initiation: The Mind-Fire p. 65
 How It Looks
Trial By Fire
How Thoughts Manifest As Things
The Limitations of the Mind
The Gifts of the Mind
Modern parallels
Facets of the Mind-Fire
p. 67
p. 68
p. 68
p. 69
p. 70
p. 71
p. 71
Chapter 8 Fourth Initiation: The Heart and Soul-Air p. 73
 How It Looks
The Dark Night of the Soul
You Are Unique
Mysteries of the Heart
The Limitations of the Heart
The Gifts of the Heart
Modern Parallels
Facets of the Heart and Soul-Air
p. 75
p. 77
p. 79
p. 79
p. 81
p. 82
p. 82
p. 83

Part IV   The Three Spiritual Initiations

p. 85
Chapter 9 Fifth Initiation: The Spirit-Ether p. 87
 How It Looks
Accepting Your Divinity
Every Day Is Christmas
The Limits of Spirit
The Gifts of the Spirit
Modern Parallels
Facets of the Spirit-Ether
p. 89
p. 90
p. 91
p. 91
p. 92
p. 92
p. 93
Chapter 10 Sixth Initiation: Integrating Life's Lessons p. 95
 How It Looks
Inner Peace Before Outer Peace
Integration Means Immunity
The Divine Feminine
p. 96
p. 96
p. 97
p. 97
Chapter 11 Seventh Initiation: Manifesting Heaven on Earth p. 99
 How It Looks
God Recycles
Why We Keep Coming Back
Ascended Masters: The Exception to the Rule
p. 100
p. 101
p. 102
p. 102

Part V   The Journey Ends

p. 105
Chapter 12 Summary p. 107
 Conclusionp. 108

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