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Edgar Cayce Book Series

Several collections of books present the wealth contained in the Edgar Cayce readings in different ways. We list here the four main ones.

Edgar Cayce Library Series

This series of twenty-four hardcover volumes contains verbatim extracts from the Edgar Cayce readings on a range of specific topics.
It is a unique resource to those who want to review or research the original readings.

It is not available any more as a complete set as a few titles are now out of print (click on link above).

“An Edgar Cayce Guide” Series

This popular series of mass paperbacks is published by St. Martin Press and presents a wide range of topics covered by the Edgar Cayce readings.

“Edgar Cayce on...” Series

Published by Warner Books, this collection of mass paperbacks features some of the most successful and best known books about Edgar Cayce and his readings.

A.R.E. Sponsoring Member Series

These books were written especially for, and mailed to, Sponsoring members of the A.R.E., after which they are offered for sale to the general public. They are not available any more except through the second-hand market.

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