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In Search of Healing

Whole-Body Healing Through the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

William A. McGarey. M.D.

Cover of In Search of Healing

Healing through awareness

Edgar Cayce rose to fame at the turn of the century as a “psychic diagnostician”, astounding the medical community with his uncanny ability to diagnose illness and prescribe treatment. Defining the Spirit as the power to bring about healing, the Mind as the power to determine how one needs to be healed, and the Body as the location where energies and spirit combine, Cayce's philosophy rocked the foundations of conventional medicine. Today, some fifty years after his death, Cayce's work is being rediscoverd by new generations who recognize that the mind-body-spirit connection is a requisite for total well-being.

In Search of Healing is the complete guidebook for whole-body health, as practiced by Dr. William McGarey, who has used Edgar Cayce's teachings for more than thirty years as a basis for healing all types of illness. An understanding of the atoms, cells, organs, and systems within the body, as well as awakening the consciousness to the Divine, enables the healing process to begin. This book also explains how Cayce's simple home remedies, combined with non-invasive procedures such as touch and massage, enable the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit.

Table of Contents



Part One    The Mind
1.Understanding the Wholeness of Man
2.Defining Our Life's Journey
3.Understanding Illness
4.Holistic Medicine in Action
5.The Mind in Control
6.The Conscious and Unconscious Mind
7.The Power of Choice
8.Your Seven Spiritual Centers

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Part Two    The Body
9.Harnessing Energy
10.Physiology and Healing<
11.Healthful Diet and the Creative Life Force
12.Healing, Regeneration and Longevity

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Part Three    The Spirit
13.The Soul's Journey
14.Understanding Our Spiritual Nature
15.Faith and Illness
16.Tapping into Our Spiritual Energy
17.The Keys to Well-Being

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Conclusion:    In Search of Healing
Suggested Reading

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