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Case Studies in Schizophrenia

Based on the Edgar Cayce Health Methods

David McMillin, M.A.

Cover of Case Studies in Schizophrenia

An alternative approach to the physical and spiritual causes of schizophrenia, this nontechnical overview is especially suited for those diagnosed with the disorder, members of their families, and caregivers. The book examines current scientific understanding of the biopsychology of schizophrenia and correlates it with the insights found in specific cases in the Edgar Cayce material.

Initially, the author explores factors of stress, genetics, birth trauma, and injuries to the brain and spine. Then, he uniquely considers the influences of kundalini energy, the reincarnation and karma of the soul, and other spiritual factors in understanding this most difficult disorder. Suggestions for treating the disorder, along with more detailed academic information, can be found in the companion volume The Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Holistic Approach.

Table of Contents

Part I
The Biopsychology of Schizophrenia
1Dementia Praecox
2The Genetic Connection
3Birth Trauma
4Pregnancy Complications
5Pelvic Disorders
6Spinal Injuries
7A Starved and Poisoned Brain
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p. 19
p. 29
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p. 51
p. 60
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Part II
Transpersonal Aspects of Schizophrenia
9 Kundalini Crisis
13Departure of the Soul
14Looking Back - Looking Ahead
p. 113
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Appendix: Resourcesp. 189

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