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The Treatment of Schizophrenia - A Holistic Approach

Based on the Edgar Cayce Health Methods

David McMillin, M.A.

Cover of The Treatment of Schizophrenia - A Holistic Approach

A companion volume to Case Studies in Schizophrenia, this book presents a more academic and technical view of this disorder for mental health professionals and other individuals interested in an alternative approach.

In terms of treatment, the Edgar Cayce discourses address the total picture of the individual suffering from schizophrenia - the clinical arena, the struggles of affected families, and the meaning of debilitating mental illnesses. Suggestions for treatment are accompanied by case study summaries. The book also includes a model for therapy and detailed examinations of the principles and techniques discussed in the Cayce material.

Table of Contents

1A Literature Review of Schizophrenia
2Cayce's Perspective
3Case Studies
4Therapeutic Principles
5Therapeutic Techniques
6Therapeutic Models
7Research Implications
8Summary and Conclusion
p. 1
p. 22
p. 54
p. 135
p. 149
p. 218
p. 237
p. 263
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Tables, Figures, and Documents
The Pineal
Dementia Praecox
p. 269
p. 291
p. 336
p. 348
p. 354
p. 367

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