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There Is a River
(Hardcover, 50th Anniversary Edition)

The Story of Edgar Cayce

Thomas Sugrue

Cover of There Is a River

“Yes, we have the body” became a familiar phrase to those gathered in the room with the sleeping Edgar Cayce. These words indicated that another individual was about to receive a psychic reading from this most extraordinary man.

From his birth on a small farm in Kentucky to his years as a psychic in Virginia Beach, the life of Edgar Cayce unfolds with the air of a man destined to impact the world in a quiet but profound way.

His simple beginnings and the necesity for him to quit school to help support the family seemed to prepare him for his life of service to others. Then his accidental discovery of his psychic ability to diagnose illness and prescribe health treatments for people set forth a life direction which he approached reluctantly at first.

Nevertheless, his success in healing himself, his family members, and hundreds of other individuals unknown to him made him a medical phenomenon. Today, because of his emphasis on the soul's spiritual development as the major purpose of life, he is placed among the foremost spiritual philosophers of the century. In addition, his connection between the spiritual health of the soul and the health of the physical body ranks him among the forerunners of the holistic health movement.

Edgar Cayce was a man whose psychic contributions will continue to transform lives for years to come.

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