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Your Dream of Recovery

Dream Interpretation and the 12 Steps

Shelly Marshall

Cover of Your Dream of Recovery

A ground-breaking book on dream interpretation for anyone working toward recovery in a 12-Step program.

You will actually learn how to use your dreams to enhance recovery, sobriety, and spirituality as you work each of the 12 Steps. The book provides innovative tools that will help you:
Understand the meaning of your dreams
Use your dreams for recovery
Create a personal dream glossary
Start a 12-Step dreamwork group
Use prayer and meditation effectively

Shelly Marshall is the internationally known author of six recovery books that have sold over two million copies. In this book she uses personal anecdotes as well as spiritual principles from the work of Edgar Cayce and scores of dreams with interpretations by actual 12-Step participants, making this book an invaluable tool.

Table of Contents


Part I - Dreaming for Recovery

1Dreaming for Recovery
2Processing Your Dream Messages
3Dreamwork and 12-Step Enhancement
4Forming a 12-Step Dreamwork Group
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p. 14
p. 37
p. 54

Part II - Your Dreamwork Glossary and How to Use It

Your Dreamwork Glossary
The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire
Animate Objects (Domestic and Wild Animals, Birds,
Marine Life, and Insects)
Behavior and Activity (Includes Sexual Dreams)
Clothes, Accessories and Jewelry
Figures and Features
Health, Illness, and Death
Inanimate Objects (All “Things” Not Listed Elsewhere)
Spiritual Symbols
Vehicles and Buildings
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p. 78
p. 87
p. 91
p. 97

p. 101
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p. 113
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Part III - Dreams from the Fellowship

Dreams from the Fellowship
Pre-program Dreams
Examine Ourselves and Be Honest
Trust and Rely on God
Take Meritorious and Moral Action
Service to Others
Relapse Dreams
Reassurance and Encouragement
Death and Rebirth
Precognition and Warnings
p. 127
p. 131
p. 136
p. 144
p. 153
p. 160
p. 165
p. 172
p. 176
p. 178
p. 181
Appendix IListing Your 12-Step Principles
Appendix IIPun Fun in Dreams
Appendix IIIThe 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
Appendix IVThe 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous
Resource Directory
p. 185
p. 189
p. 199
p. 201
p. 203
p. 205
p. 211
p. 213

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