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Prophecies for the New Millenium

Psychics, Seers and Oracles Tell You What to Expect from the Next 1000 Years

James Manning

Cover of Prophecies for the New Millenium

As the millenium draws to a close, all humanity wonders what the next one will bring. Now the stranger possibilities of that future are brought into startling focus in Prophecies for the New Millenium, an outstanding and sometimes disturbing collection of predictions by some of the greatest mystics, astrologers and soothsayers who have ever lived.

Fascinating, fun and lavishly illustrated, this book makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in peering into tomorrow with the help of the most gifted futurists of yesterday and today.

Table of Contents

The Wheel of Time
A Horoscope for the New Millenium
p. 7
IThe Mystic Millenium
Heavenly Signs of a New Age
p. 11
IINirvana or Nothing?
What the World's Religions Predict
p. 25
The Struggle of Good and Evil
p. 41
IVApocalypse and Armageddon
The End of a World Gone Wrong?
p. 55
VGods of the New Age
Divine Teachings for the Millenium
p. 75
Can the Old Economic Order Survive?
p. 7
A New Atlantis - The Prophecies of Edgar Cayce
p. 101
VIIIThe Monument with a Message
Readings from the Great Pyramid
p. 111
IXTo Walk Among the Stars
A Giant Leap for mankind
p. 121
Bibliographyp. 128


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