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Physician's Reference Notebook

A Guide to Discovering Who You Were

William A. McGarey, M.D.

Cover of Physician's Reference Notebook

“All of the Edgar Cayce readings, with few exceptions, were given for individuals with different needs. This probably explains why there are often slight variations in treatment, formula, dosage, manner of application, etc., even between readings on the same subject. Certain methods, products, and formulas, however, were recommended so repeatedly and emphatically that they have almost become specifics for certain types of disorders. Much of the information in The Physician's Reference Notebook  was the outgrowth of physicians' working with these specifics.

The Edgar Cayce readings, though, should not be viewed as a do-it-yourself doctoring manual. Any of these suggestions for treatment of disease should be used under the supervision of a professional.

Finally, in the concepts of health and healing in the Edgar Cayce readings, one principle that predominates is that the health of the body, mind and soul are so closely interrelated that it is rarely of value to treat any one of these aspects without also giving some attention to the state of the other two. The reader is reminded that although this volume deals primarily with the physical aspects of health, the mental and spiritual are equally important in a holistic approach to health.”

Table of Contents

Acnep. 1Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosisp. 6Anemiap. 14
Angina Pectorisp. 18Aphoniap. 22Apoplexyp. 26
Arteriosclerosisp. 31Arthritisp. 39Asthmap. 55
Baldnessp. 60Breast Cancerp. 64Bronchitisp. 70
Cataractsp. 76Colitisp. 80Color Blindnessp. 87
The Common Coldp. 90Constipationp.101Cystitisp.106
Epilepsyp.132Flu: Respiratoryp.148Flu: Aftereffectsp.152
Fractures and Sprainsp.158Headachesp.164Hemophiliap.168
Hemorrhoidsp.172Herpes Zosterp.185Hydrocephalusp.189
Hypertensionp.194Hypoglycemiap.198Indigestion and Gastritisp.208
Kidney Stonesp.213Leukemiap.223Leukopenia-Leukocytosisp.232
Menopausep.236Mental Illnessp.244Migraine Headachesp.258
Multiple Sclerosisp.264Muscular Dystrophyp.278Obesityp.288
Scars and Adhesionsp.315Sclerodermap.322Stutteringp.329
Varicose Veinsp.358
Beef Juicep.374Castor Oil Packp.377Cough and Hiccough Therapyp.378
Diet: Acid and Alkalinep.382Diet for Diabetesp.385Diet for Eczemap.389
Eliminantsp.390Epsom Salts Packp.397Fastingp.398
General Interest Extractsp.406Glyco-Thymoline Packp.409Massagep.410
Passion Flower Fusionp.411Ventriculinp.412Why the Patient's Condition Seems to Worsen When Treatment Is Givenp.413
p. 414
p. 425

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