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The collection of sites listed below have NO direct connection with Edgar Cayce or his readings. They are merely offered here for your convenience on the assumption that you may find some of them of interest or of direct relevance in your lives.

The Sounds True collection of CDs and videos offers a remarkable series of material covering many aspects of past and present spiritual life. Not only are they beautiful and their compact packaging very practical, but they constitute an ideal source of wisdom and reflexion in the bustle of modern life. Rather than allowing traffic frustration take its toll on you, for example, why not use this precious time listening to enlightening and uplifting material? It can be also an ideal present for friends and relatives. It is worth a visit at any rate.

Unbeknownst to most people, two of their most commonly used tools, computers and cell phones, may actually be hurting them. A small number of users are sensitive enough to “feel” the radiation waves these tools emit, to the point of not being able to stay in front of a computer orusing their cell phone for long periods of time. The EMF-Bioshield® line of products has already proven to be lifesavers for such people. For all others, the problem belongs in the “feel no evil, see no evil” category, an attitude understandably compounded by the fact that mainstream science is sharply divided over the harmfulness of such radiation, if not its very existence. Nevertheless, this site invites visitors to move into the “better safe than sorry” category.

This comprehensive listing of magazines is presented here as a convenience to our visitors, because it offers in one place an almost exhaustive collection of magazines. Make it a habit of subscribing here.

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