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We Are Not Forgotten

George Anderson's Messages of Love and Hope From the Other Side

Joel Martin and Patricia Romanovski

Cover of We Are Not Forgotten

“When people suffer the loss of a loved one, there seems to be nothing to hold on. Many blame their loss on God, and they may turn away. I hope that through my ability I can give them hope and assure them that God has not abandoned or punished them. People need to hear and to know that their loved ones are still alive and well in the next stage of life and that one day they will be reunited with them...”
George Anderson

George Anderson's remarkable psychic gifts have been publicly tested and documented in the nationwide bestseller We Don't Die. Now his astonishing conversations with the other side provide us all with a rare glimpse of eternity: a heartwarming message of love, hope, understanding and forgiveness.

The message is pure and simple: Death is not the end. It is the beginning. Our love is everlasting... We are not forgotten.

Table of Contents

A Note About the readings
p. 1
p. 3
p. 12
1: Over on the Other Side
2: An Evening with George
3: The Compassionate Friends
4: The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
5: “I'm Not There”
6: To Know the Real Story
7: Questions Answered
8: Direct Communications
9: A Question of Faith
p. 29
p. 62
p. 84
p. 119
p. 159
p. 195
p. 231
p. 268
p. 285
Appendix One: The Electroencephalogram Test
Appendix Two: Saint Philomena
Appendix Three: Glossary of Psychic Symbols
p. 303
p. 310
p. 314
Bibliographyp. 319

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