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    Love Beyond Life

    The Healing Power of After-Death Communications

    Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski

    Love Beyond Life

    Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski, authors of the classic We Don't Die, here explore the power of after-death communication - deathbed visions, dream visitations, apparitions, and other phenomena - to comfort us, to strenghten us, to create a new, life-affirming notion of what it means to grieve and to die. In the midts of life we live with death, a fact we are culturally conditioned to deny. We avoid the dying, the dead, and the bereaved at every opportunity and then wonder why we feel so alone when death touches our lives.

    After-death communications are older than written history, and despite our cultural aversion to death, two in five Americans - over 40 million people - have experienced contact with the dead. What do these communications tell us about life here and beyond? What can these glimpses beyond the veil teach us about acceptance, love, and faith? How can they help us resolve our grief, incorporate a loved one's death into our daily lives, and draw purpose and meaning from unspeakable tragedy?

    Based on years of research and interviews with hundreds who have experienced after-death communications, Martin and Romanowski offer compelling evidence that no one you love ever dies, that there is, truly, love beyond life.

    Table of Contents

    Authors' Note

    Bridges of Love from the Other Side: After-Death Communications
    The Changing Face of Death
    More Than a Dream
    Traversing the Bridge: Apparitions, Deathbed Visions,
    and the Near-Death Experience
    “Telegrams” from the Other Side: Signs and Synchronicities
    Seeing Tomorrow: Precognition
    “Daddy Came to Say Good Morning”: Eternal Family Ties
    The Healing Power of After-Death Communications
    Journeys Through Time
    Finding Your Path to the Pierless Bridge
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    Appendix I:
    Appendix II:
    “A Mask Upon the Universe”: Our Misguided Legacy of Disbelief
    The Love Beyond Life Survey
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