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How to Interpret Your Dreams

Practical Techniques Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings

Mark A. Thurston. Ph.D.

Cover of How to Interpret Your Dreams

How to Interpret Your Dreams is a roadmap to greater self-knowledge through dream interpretation. Dr. Mark Thurston has combined insights from the hundreds of Edgar Cayce readings on dreams with his own background in dream interpretation to give us a clearly written, easy-to-understand spiritual handbook. The author explains:

- How to find and use the important ideas presented in your dream
-The part feelings play in overall dream interpretation
- How to work with and break down the symbols
- The keys to knowing if your dream is telepathic
- How to get specific answers to problems

The appealing “Exercises in Application”, which conclude each chapter, provide practical ways to use the dream concepts in daily life. Suggestions for keeping a dream journal and techniques for remembering dreams are also given.

Properly used, this book can be a window inward to enrich your life through dream interpretation.

Table of Contents

Prologue to a Journeyp. 9
Chapter One

Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen
The Levels of Mind: How Do Dreams Happen?
Cooperating With the Unconscious Mind
The Basics of Dream Interpretation
Knowing Ourselves Through Dreams
Ideals in Our Dreams
Fellowship: Our Social Life at Night
Patience and the Dimensions of Dreaming
In His Presence: Dreams of Divine Inspiration
Oneness of All Force: The Psychic Element of Dreaming
The Opportunity in Dreaming
Day and Night: Balance Through Compensation
Desire: The Building Blocks of Dreams
Destiny of the Body: Physical Attunement Through Dreams
Spirit: The Certainty of Survival
p. 1

p. 19
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p. 52
p. 70
p. 84
p. 96
p. 104

p. 116

p. 133
p. 141

p. 149
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p. 187

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