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The Intelligent Heart

Transform Your Life with the Laws of Love

David McArthur & Bruce McArthur

Cover of The Intelligent Heart

The laws of love increase happiness, heal sorrow and regret, and bond people in healthy, life-enhancing relationships. Friends, lovers, parents, children, co-workers, and strangers will all be affected by your use of these simple yet powerful laws of love.

A simple five-step process is all it takes to change your heart. Scientific evidence from the Institute of HeartMath's® electrophysiology lab reveals that your ECG (heart rythm) physically changes as you apply these simple laws. Happiness and health are within your reach each day, in any situation.

Free yourself of those heart-matters that age you. Whether a parent, spouse, or friend, you can be young-at-heart and happy in life.

Table of Contents

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1   The Universal Laws
2   Discovering Dimensions of the Law
3   The Law of Love
4   Attunement
5   How to Love
6   The Law of Giving
7   Freedom Through Forgiveness
8   The Law of Wisdom
9   The Master Law of Relationships
10   The Law of Faith
11   Attunement Through Mercy and Balance
12   The Laws of One, Enlightenment, and Becoming
13   Grace
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