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Edgar Cayce on Healing Foods

For Body, Mind, and Soul

William A. McGarey, M.D.

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Discover the wonders that can be found in your diet, the benefits that come about when you understand your body better, and how to overcome the difficulties and roadblocks that may appear as you try to do just that.

Edgar Cayce left behind a legacy of psychic readings, two-thirds of which dealt with physical illnesses and what might be done to restore the body to health. Throughout his suggestions on ways to correct these conditions, Cayce spoke volumes about diet. He saw certain food combinations as helpful, some as harmful. His theme throughout the readings was keep the body and its functions balanced- often by using nutrition.

Dr. McGarey relates this concept to what we eat to give a more special meaning to the kind of diet we choose from day to day. His book is intended to give you a useful and practical source of information regarding what constructive eating is all about. From a common-sense point of view, it is written especially for those who are interested in seeking out their life purpose, in maintaining health, and in overcoming illnesses.

You'll learn the importance of stress, attitudes, emotions, beliefs, habits, prayer, and meditation, and how they affect the use of food and your general health.

The diet you need for full health is as unique as you are. This book will show you how to search creatively for the diet that will suit you best.

Table of Contents

About Edgar Cayce
My Search for Good Nutrition
Many Diets - Many Values

Hints in Creating Your Best Diet
   About What You Are
   About Salads
   About the Evening Meal
   About Water
   About Attitudes
   About Acid-Alkaline Balance
   About Foods Grown Locally
   About Combinations to Avoid
   About Foods to Avoid
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3Your Body in Health and Disease
A True Story
The Nature of Your Body
Defending the Body with Food
The Role of Diet in Regeneration and Longevity
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4Attitudes in Diet and Health
Spiritual Concepts
Attitudes Toward Food
New Habit Patterns
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5Foods for Life
Food Is Not Everything
General Rules
The Acid-Alkaline Balance and Food Combinations
A Basic Diet Outline
Basic Diet Chart
   1. Alkaline-Forming Foods
   2. Acid-Forming Foods
   3. Beverages Recommended
   4. Choose These Foods in Moderation
   5. Avoid These Foods as Much as Possible
   6. Stress These Combinations
   7. Avoid These Combinations
   8. Typical Sample Menus
   9. Special Fruit Diets
   10. Food Preparation Suggestions
   11. About Jerusalem Artichokes
Self-Evaluation Quiz - How Do you Score?
Additional Cayce Readings About Diet
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6Food as Medicine
General Factors
Nerve - and Body - Building Diets
Diet to Prevent a Cold
Dietary Suggestions for Special Ailments
   Cardiovascular Disease
   Migraine Headaches
   Cancer Dietary Suggestions
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7Dietary Odds and Ends
Testing for Alkalinity
Your New-Age Kitchen
Sources of Basic Nutrients
Cayce Talks About Foods
   1. Alcohol
   2. Almonds
   3. Apples - and the Apple Diet
   4. Beef Juice
   5. Banana and Buttermilk Diet
   6. Coffee and Tea
   7. Grape Diet
   8. Honey and Milk
   9. Jerusalem Artichokes
   10. Milk
   11. Mummy Food
   12. Potato Peelings
   13. Spiritual Food
   14. Water
   15. Wine
   16. Yogurt
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8Diet in the Temple Beautiful
The Legend
p. 112
p. 112
Preparation Tips
Salads and Dressings
Main Dishes
Soups, Sauces, and Dips
Specialty Foods
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10What Else Can You Do?
Learn to Grow Your Own Food
Learn More About Sprouts, Herbs, Wheat
   Grass, and Survival Foods
Learn More About Weight Loss
Search for Other Recipes
Do More Reading and Studying
Record Your Dreams and Learn to Meditate
Use Your Mind Constructively
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11Food Isn't Everything, But...p. 174
Glossary of Termsp. 177

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