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Heal Arthritis

Physically - Mentally - Spiritually
The Edgar Cayce Approach

William A. McGarey, M. D.

Cover of Heal Arthritis

Here is a hopeful path for the millions who are affected or impaired by the pain of arthritis.

Beyond the pills and potions, there is a way to successfully subdue this often-debilitating disease, writes Dr. William A. McGarey, for more than forty years a student and advocate of concepts found in the work of Edgar Cayce.

Cayce, known as “the father of holistic medicine”, addressed medical problems, and the author translates the famed seer's guidance into a practical course of action for arthritis sufferers.

This book examines physical conditions that contribute to arthritis and what can be done to eliminate them. More important, Dr. McGarey recommends mental and spiritual courses of action, based on material from the Edgar Cayce readings, that he believes can defeat the disease.

Table of Contents

Foreword by A. Robert Smith, Editor,  Venture Inward
1How Does Healing Really Come About? The Concepts
What Is Healing?
Castor Oil Packs
Healing the Body Touches the Divine
Peanut Oil
Human Energy
p. 1
p. 5
p. 9
p. 13
p. 15
p. 15
2What's the First Step in Healing Arthritis? Begin! Do Something!
Arthritis Diet - Basic Principles
Do Not Eat
These Foods Should Be Included in Your Diet
Avoid These Food Combinations
p. 20
p. 22
p. 25
p. 29
p. 32
3How Do We Understand Arthritis - The Energies Involved?
Concepts of Function
From Another Viewpoint
The Body Often Responds to Simple Measures
Healing Comes in Strange Ways
The Touch of the Healing Hand
Life Energies in the Cayce Readings
So, How Does the Average Person Responds to This Power?
Aching Joints and Muscles
More Understanding
p. 34
p. 36
p. 41
p. 44
p. 45
p. 46
p. 48
p. 49
p. 50
p. 52
4How Can the Physical Body Renew Itself?
Regeneration - Renewing the Body
Eliminations - Letting Go
Alkalinity in the System
Lettuce as a Healer
Epsom Salts Baths
Exercise as an Aid
Exercise Injuries
Massage, Manipulation, Body Work
More on Castor Oil Packs
p. 55
p. 59
p. 66
p. 68
p. 69
p. 70
p. 72
p. 74
p. 77
p. 80
5What Role Does the Mind Play in This Journey?
The Mind and Its Choices
The Soul's Journey Through the Earth
Healing by Visualization
Dreams in the Healing Process
p. 82
p. 87
p. 90
p. 94
p. 96
p. 99
6What About Your Attitudes and Emotions - Where Do They Fit In?
The Body's Hierarchy of Function
The Immune System and Its Role in Arthritis
Atomidine and Its Uses in Arthritis
Meditation in the Healing of the Body
p. 104
p. 110
p. 117
p. 120
p. 124
7Let's Put It All Together
What About the Healing of the Body, Then?
Karma and Its Part in Healing
Let's Review a Bit
What About the Eleven Steps?
One More Thing
What's to Be Learned from Arthritis?
p. 129
p. 131
p. 131
p. 134
p. 135
p. 137
p. 138
Castor Oil Packs
Helpful Suggestions from the Edgar Cayce Readings
The Acid-Alkaline Balance
References and Suggested Reading
p. 141
p. 141
p. 142
p. 145
p. 147

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