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Edgar Cayce's Atlantis

This is the most comprehensive work on ancient Atlantis. The authors virtually raise the sunken continent up before your eyes in vivid detail!

Gregory Little, Lora Little, and John Van Auken

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From the ancient Akashic Records, renowmed psychic Edgar Cayce gives an amazingly detailed and fascinating vision into the legendary world of Atlantis and its extraordinary people. The section on the people and places of Atlantis is exclusive to Cayce's visions into this celebrated paradise.

Cayce's readings describe the powerful crystal; the flying machines that could soar through the air, under water, and out into space; the energy generators that harnessed the sun's ray's and channeled them into building a magnificent country of luxury, wealth, and peace.

Cayce's discourses describe how the Atlanteans rejuvenated their bodies regularly, allowing them to live hundreds of years longer than we do today. But he also tells of how this great culture fell from grace and power, destroying itself and its continent in the process.

In a strangely prophetic discourse, Cayce says that many Atlanteans are reincarnating in the world today, bringing with them both the good and evil of that ancient land.

Drs. Greogry and Lora Little, and John Van Auken present this story in an absorbing narrative of the legends of Atlantis and the latest discoveries in the ongoing search for remnants of the lost continent.

The book contains over a hundred illustrations - some never published before. Included in the story of Atlantis are vignettes of the forgotten lands of Mu and Lemuria, the legend of Lilith and Amiliius. Plato's history, and strange creatures of Atlantean lore.

This book includes a complete description of and update on the three Atlantean record caches that Edgar Cayce identified and the modern-day explorations seeking to find these lost halls of the ancient records.

This is the most comprehensive work on ancient Atlantis. The authors virtually raise the sunken continent up before our eyes in vivid detail!

Table of Contents



The First Account of a Lost Civilization: Plato's Atlantis
From Plato to the Americas - Atlantis Discovered?
Edgar Cayce's Story: How the Father of American Holistic Medicine Envisioned Atlantis
Cayce's Dates, Geography, and Description of Atlantis
Cayce's Story of the People of Atlantis
Atlantis and the Legend of Lilith
Atlantis Technology and the Evidence for Ancient Flight
Reincarnated Atlanteans in the Cayce Readings
Hidden Records of Atlantis: The Three Halls of Records
Research on the Giza Hall of Records
The Search for the Yucatan Hall of Records
The Search for Atlantis in the Bahamas Leads to a Stalemate
From Andros to Bimini - The Skeptics' Claims Collpase: But Proof of Atlantis Still Lacking
Assessing Cayce's Most Important Atlantis Statements - Conclusion
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Appendix: Other Atlantis Speculations - Current Status
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