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Edgar Cayce on the Revelation

A Study Guide for Spiritualizing Body and Mind

John Van Auken

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From the first century A.D. to this new millenium, the Revelation has fascinated and puzzled spiritual people. Its incredible imagery and terrifying warnings have captured the attention of psychologists, artists, homemakers, and rock musicians, and provided fodder for TV evangelists. In this new book, Edgar Cayce's fresh interpretation turns the Revelation into a powerful study guide for all to use in spiritualizing body and mind. Cayce taught that symbols and places in the Revelation actually represent glands in our bodies and thought patterns in our minds. Moving through St. John's vision, Chapters 1 through 11 describe the process we must all go through to purify, sanctify, and glorify our bodies. Chapters 12 through 20 describe the process necessary to spiritualize our minds. Applying these concepts and practices in our lives helps us overcome weaknesses, develop virtues, and ultimately achieve full consciousness of God's abiding presence. Cayce explained that “the visions, the experiences, the names, the churches, the places, the dragons, the cities, all are but emblems of those forces that may war within the individual in its journey... into the material manifestation to ... the awakening of the spirit...” John Van Auken's style of pulling together insights from many supporting sources opens the impenetrable Revelation, yielding a wonderfully rich guide book. When combined with the rare and captivating illustrations, we have a new treasure for spiritual living.

Table of Contents

About Edgar Cayce and the Revelation Readings
Part 1 - The Interpretation
1   Interpreting the Revelation
2   The Twins, the Curse, and the Godling: Three Keys to Interpretation
3   Spiritualizing the Body: Chapters 1-10 of the Revelation
4   Spiritualizing the Mind and Applying the Wisdom: Interpreting Chapters 11-20
5   A New Body, A New Mind: Revelation 21-22
p. 1
p. 20

p. 37
p. 64

p. 95

Part 2 - Your Personal Revelation
6   Experiencing the Spirit Through Prayer and Meditation
7   Dreams and Visions
8   Balance, Patience, and Applications: Keys to Success
p. 105
p. 130
p. 144

Part 3 - The Original Material
9   Edgar Cayce's Readings on the Revelation
10   The Text of the Revelation: World English Bible (WEB) Translation
p. 157
p. 279

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