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“An Edgar Cayce Guide” Series

This popular series of mass paperbacks is published by St. Martin Press and presents a wide range of topics covered by the Edgar Cayce readings.

Cover of Astrological RevelationsAstrological Revelations
Changing Your life and Recharting Your Destiny

John Willner

Edgar Cayce's insights into astrology reveal how astrological information is stored in your body, the difference between your physical birth and soul birth, where your soul came from, and how to use astrology in your life.

Cover of Passage to the MilleniumPassage to the Millenium
Surviving and Thriving in the 21st Century

Mary Ellen Carter

Edgar Cayce's views on world affairs, governemtn, and prophecy for the coming millenium. INcludes Russia, America's destiny, China, and the new world order.

Cover of Awakening Your Psychic PowersAwakening Your Psychic Powers
Henry Reed, Ph.D.

Open your inner mind and control your psychic intuition today. Harness the power of your inborn psychic awareness with fun experiments and exercises. Find out where these psychic powers com from. Discover safe, effective ways in which these inner abilities can be developed.

Cover of Dreams: Tonight's Answers for Tomorrow's QuestionsDreams:
Tonight's Answers for Tomorrow's Questions

Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

Use dreams to achieve spiritual health, creative inspiration, and success. Includes simple methods to interpret dreams, exercices to help you remember dreams, plus a dream symbol dictionary.

Cover of Keys to HealthKeys to Health:
Holistic Approcahes to Healing

Eric Mein, M.D.

Insights from the Edgar Cayce readings on why we become ill, how to handle stress, how to maintain a proper diet, and more. The author emphasizes Cayce's holistic concept that disease involves not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual.

Cover of Mysteries of Atlantis RevisitedMysteries of Atlantis Revisited
Edgar Evans Cayce, Gail Cayce Schwarzer, Douglas Richards

Was Edgar Cayce right about the lost civilization of Atlantis? Will the existence of Atlantis ever be proven by modern discoveries? The authors balance the Cayce material with science.

Cover of Soul PurposeSoul-Purpose:
Discovering and Fulfilling Your Destiny

Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

A unique, five-step program of self-study to help you actualize the natural potential within you. Based on Cayce's life readings that have helped millions break out of their routines and discover fulfillment.

Cover of Reincarnation, Claiming Your Past, Creating Your FutureReincarnation
Claiming Your Past, Creating Your Future

Lynn Elwell Sparrow

Discover your past lives and develop your ability to make positive choices for life, love, and happiness. Covers the purpose of each lifetime, using past-life experiences to meet this life's difficulties, and karma and grace.

Cover of Miles To Go: A Spiritual Companion to AgingMiles to Go:
A Spiritual Companion to Aging

Richard Peterson, Ph.D.

This book presents Edgar Cayce's insights on dealing positively with the natural process of maturing. Many issues are covered, including how to challenge your negtive perceptions about aging and discovering your life purpose at any age using dreams, meditation and intuition.

Cover of A Life of Jesus the ChristA Life of Jesus the Christ
From Cosmic Origins to the Second Coming

Richard Henry Drummond, Ph.D.

Integrates the Cayce readings with Scripture, covering Jesus' birth, upbringing, education, ministry, resurrection, and ascension. The author maintains the preexistence of Jesus, affirming His abiding presence.

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