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Dreams - The Language of the Unconscious

Hugh Lynn Cayce, Tom C. Clark, Shane Miller, William N. Petersen

Cover of Dreams - The Language of the Unconscious

The Edgar Cayce readings offer a wealth of information on the subject of dreams, including what they mean and their importance in your waking life.

This classic was compiled in 1962 by Cayce's son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, and other experts. It is a concise handbook on Cayce's psychic readings about dreams with commentary which can help you interpret your dreams for useful guidance in your life.

This authentic, practical material for self-help explains:
- Basic types of dreams
- Cayce's suggestions on how to work with dreams
- How to contact the overself
- Cayce's interpretations of his own dreams
- Psychic parallels to Jungian psychoanalysis

The book contains helpful information on dream symbols, how to understand these symbols, how the process of dream interpretation works, and more.

Table of Contents

Dreams: the Language of the Unconscious - by Hugh Lynn Caycep. 3
Some Basic Concepts from the Edgar Cayce Readings on Dreams
Sources of Dream Symbols
Basic Types of Dreams
Working With Your Own Dreams
p. 3
p. 10
p. 11
p. 13
p. 26
p. 31
A Psychic Interprets His Dreams - by Tom C. Clarkp. 33
Kinds of Dreams Studied
The Psychic as a Man
A Psychic's Theory of Sleep - the Sixth Sense
Three Sources of Dreams
The Language of Dreams
Psychic Parallels to Jungian Psychoanalysis
The Process of Getting the Interpretation
One Dream and its Interpretation
Two Other Dreams Interpreted
p. 34
p. 35
p. 36
p. 39
p. 39
p. 41
p. 44
p. 45
p. 47
p. 48
Working with Dreams as Recommended by the Edgar Cayce Readings - by Shane Millerp. 50
Method of Procedure
Understanding One's Own Symbolsp.
Exploration in Depthp.
Contacting the Overself
p. 50
p. 54
p. 60
p. 65
Project X Experiments - by William N. Petersenp. 71
(Formerly included in “Dreams, Our Judge and Jury”, now out of print). p. 71
Selected References
List of Universal Laws
p. 258
p. 275
p. 276

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