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Dreams, Tonight's Answers For Tomorrow's Questions

Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

Cover of Dreams, Tonight's Answers For Tomorrow's Questions

Change your life overnight!

In his lifetime, American spiritual leader Edgar Cayce pioneered the practical study of dreams and helped thousands unlock the revelations they contain. Now, experienced dream teacher Mark Thurston, Ph. D., interprets Cayce's carefully preserved writings to help readers build their spiritual power through the mysterious wisdom of dreams.

Illuminated with dozens of Cayce's actual dream readings, Dreams includes:
- Simple methods to interpret the literal and symbolic meanings of dreams.
- Exercises to expand your innate capacity to dream and remember dreams.
- Techniques for using dreams to predict - and change - your future.
- The Edgar Cayce Dream Symbol Dictionary - a comprehensive reference guide to dream interpretation that will help you develop your personal dream vocabulary.

Table of Contents

Awakening to Your Dreams
Part I   What is a Dream?p. 1
1The Mysterious Wisdom of Your Dreams
2The Anatomy of a Dream
3Remembering Your Dream
p. 3
p. 16
p. 24

Part II   Interpreting Your Dreams
p. 37
4Getting Started on Dream Interpretation
5Finding the Simple Story Line
6How the Dream Fits Your Life
7The Meaning of Dream Symbols
p. 39
p. 49
p. 65
p. 82

Part III   Psychic and Spiritual Dreams
p. 97
8The Reality of Your Dream Experiences
9Dreams of Power: Lucidity, Astral Travel,
and Out-of-Body
10ESP and Dream Guidance
p. 99
p. 110

p. 125

Part IV   The Edgar Cayce Dream Symbol Dictionary
p. 147
Selected Bibliography
p. 248
p. 249

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