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The Cayce Classics
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Edgar Cayce's legacy to the world is the unique body of knowledge contained in the readings he gave throughout his life to help others. The books listed here, written about the man and his work, have proven themselves over time in showing millions of people the way inward through spiritual growth, holistic health, and meditation. May these books be of as much help for those who seek a compass on the path as they have to so many others before.

Meditation, Gateway to Light

Elsie Sechrist

This classic book will lead you through the physical, mental, and spiritual preparations for success with meditation.

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Understand and Develop Your ESP

Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

Go beyond the fascination with ESP. Learn how it works and how you can develop it for gaining guidance for your life.

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Healing Through Meditation and Prayer

Meredith Ann Puryear

A guide for anyone who wants to be healed or who would like to serve as a channel of healing for others. You will leanr how healing energy flos through a person, spiritual principles of healing, techniques for the laying on of hands, and much more.

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Physician's Reference Notebook

William A. McGarey, M.D.

An invaluable work based on the Edgar Cayce readings. Commentaries on more than fifty ailments including acne, arthritis, kidney stones, ulcers, and more.

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Unto the Churches

Richard H. Drummond, Ph.D.

A theologian examines the validity of several Edgar Cayce readings on personal religious experience, Gnosticism, the existence of reincarnation, and Jesus Christ.

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Meditation and the Mind of Man

Herbert B. Puryear, PH.D. & Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

Based on the Cayce readings, this handbook provides a step-by-step approach to using meditation effectively.

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Lives of the Master

Glenn Sanderfur

Did Jesus have past lives? Here is a bold look at how the Edgar Cayce readings, the Bible, and ancient Gnostic, Eastern, and Egyptian religious texts reveal a consistent and intriguing pattern of incarnations of the Master soul. Some of the many lives covered include his lives as Amilius, Adam, Hermes, and Jesus of Nazareth.

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Dreams, the Language of the Unconscious

Hugh Lynn Cayce and others

This classic guide will help you work with your dreams and understand how to interpret symbols. It is a concise, practical handbook on Cayce's psychic readings about dreams.

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