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    The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom

    Caitlín Matthews and John Matthews

    The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom

    The Celtic Tradition is a source of inspiration to many of us seeking to discover our ancestral spiritual heritage. Yet so many primary Celtic texts, rich in ancient wisdom, have been buried away from us for generations.

    Drawing upon a deep well of ancestral knowledge, this superb sourcebook contains many new translations of seminal Celtic texts, including stories, poems and prose pieces, many dating from as far back as the seventh century. Key ingredients include shamanic memory, druidic divination and prophecy, shapeshifting, soul-loss and restoration, magic and healing. There are detailed commentaries, comprehensive background material and practical shamanic insights.

    Table of Contents

    p. 1

    Part One: Shamanic Memory

    p. 5
    Chapter 1: The Memory of the Earth
    The Milesian Taking of Ireland
    Selections from the Dindsenchas
    Chapter 2: The Memory of Trees
    On the Ogam Beithluisnin, by Charles Graves
    The Ogam Tract
    Lore of the Great Trees
    Chapter 3: The Memory of Animals
    The Hawk of Achill or the Legend of the Oldest Animals,
    by Eleanor Hull
    The Finding of Mabon
    Chapter 4: The Memory of the Ancestors
    Tuan mac Carill's Story
    The Settling of the Manor of Tara
    Consulting the Ancestors, by Caitlín Matthews
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    p. 6
    p. 16
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    p. 49
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    p. 115

    Part Two: Vision Poets, Druids and Shamanic Guardians

    p. 131
    Chapter 5: Initiations
    The Boyhood Exploits of Finn
    The Crane Bag
    How Finn Found Knowledge
    Finn and the Man in the Tree
    Chapter 6: Shapeshifting
    Fith-Fath: Shapeshifting in Celtic Tradition, by Caitlín Matthews
    The Shapeshifting Swineherds
    The Frenzy of Suibhne
    Chapter 7: Druids and Vision Poets
    Lord and Lady of the Wheel: The Careers of Mog Roith
    and Tlachtga, by Caitlín Matthews
    The Colloquy of the Two Sages, by John Matthews
    The Three Cauldrons of Inspiration, by Caitlín Matthews
    p. 132
    p. 134
    p. 142
    p. 143
    p. 144
    p. 146
    p. 146
    p. 158
    p. 163
    p. 185
    p. 189

    p. 203
    p. 218

    Part Three: The Bright Knowledge

    p. 239
    Chapter 8: Prophecy and Divination
    The Celtic Art of Divination, by Caitlín Matthews
    The Sovereign Prophecy
    The Tale of the Ordeals
    Chapter 9: Healing and Soul-Restoration
    Healing Among the Celts: the Children of Airmed,
    by Caitlín Matthews
    The Circuit of the Soul in Celtic Tradition, by Caitlín Matthews
    Chapter 10: Dreams and Visions
    Incubation and the Dream Quest, by John Matthews
    The Adventures of Nera
    p. 240
    p. 240
    p. 253
    p. 266
    p. 281
    p. 282

    p. 299
    p. 330
    p. 331
    p. 343

    Part Four: Otherworldly Journeys

    p. 349
    Chapter 11: The Journey Quest
    The Quest as Shamanic Journey, by Caitlín Matthews
    The Death of Fergus mac Leide
    The Adventures of Art Son of Conn
    Chapter 12: In the House of the Sidhe
    The Wooing of Etain
    The Fosterage House of the Two Milk Pails
    The Yew Tree of the Disputing Sons
    p. 350
    p. 350
    p. 358
    p. 376
    p. 388
    p. 389
    p. 408
    p. 428
    p. 432
    p. 434
    p. 440
    p. 451
    p. 452

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