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Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christian

(Re-edited as “Edgar Cayce and Christian Faith”)

Lynn Sparrow

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Cover of Edgar Cayce and the Boran Again Christian

Edgar Cayce, the most documented psychic in modern history, has been called by some a Christian mystic. The psychic readings of this great clairvoyant have led countless people to a deeper vision of their Christian faith and a renewed commitment to their churches.

Now, for the first time, Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christianoffers a reconciliation of the Cayce material with the tenets of fundamental Christianity. Author Lynn Sparrow is an Evangelical Christian by persuasion and a graduate of an Evangelical Bible college. In Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christian,she draws on more than 15 years' study of the Cayce readings and the Bible to offer a clear and highly readable discussion of such key issues as:
Can one be “born again” and still accept the information in the Cayce readings?
Does the Bible condemn all psychic phenomena or is there a place for psychic experiences in the Christian's life?
How does Edgar Cayce measure up against the Bible's standards for prophets?
What do the Cayce readings reallysay about Jesus Christ?
Is it possible to believe in reincarnation and still uphold Jesus as the way of salvation?
What did Edgar Cayce say about the Bible?

If you have a personal interest in integrating the Cayce readings with your own Christian faith; if a Christian friend or family member is concerned about your interest in Edgar Cayce; or, if you are a committed fundamental Christian who believes that Edgar Cayce is anti-Christian, you owe it to yourself to read Edgar Cayce and the Born Again Christian.

Table of Contents

Part One
How I Found Harmony Between Edgar Cayce and Fundamental Christian Faith
1A Personal Testimony
2Exploring the Dimensions of Biblical Faith
3Discovering Edgar Cayce
4The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
5Making the Integration Complete
p. 3
p. 8
p. 15
p. 20
p. 28
Part Two
Psychic Experiences and the 20th-Century Christian
6The Nature of Psychic Experience
7The Bible's Criteria for Evaluating Psychic Experience
8A Tenable Position for the Fundamental Christian
p. 37
p. 45
p. 68
Part Three
Edgar Cayce as a Psychic Source
9Examining the Source
10Measuring Cayce Against Fundamental Christian Doctrines
11The Christology of the Edgar Cayce Readings
p. 73
p. 90
p. 104
Part Four
Reincarnation and Fundamental Christianity
12Getting Back to Definitions
13Removing the Obstacles to Integration
14A Plan for Integration
p. 139
p. 154
p. 164
Part Five
Edgar Cayce and the Bible
15The Edgar Cayce Readings and Bible Interpretation
16A Plan for Working with the Bible
p. 197
p. 216
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Edgar Cayce Readings on Jesus the Christ
Edgar Cayce Readings on the Church
Why Read the Bible?
Why A.R.E. is not a Cult
p. 231
p. 233
p. 235
p. 237

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