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Communicating with Animals

The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals

Arthur Myers

Cover of Communicating with Animals

Can you talk with animals? Of course you can say “Sit, Rover” or “Here, Kitty, Kitty” and garner the appropriate response from your four-legged friend - a meow, a bark, the wag of a tail. Everyone knows that domesticated animals can be taught to understand the things you say to them. But wouldn't it be wonderful to know when they wanted to play, when they weren't feeling so well, when they were hungry, and even when they were ready to leave this world and enter another? Thousands of animal lovers have discovered that they can carry on meaningful, nonverbal conversations with animals and create a spiritual connection.

In Communicating with Animals, veteran reporter Arthur Myers explores the phenomenon of human-animal communication. Using hundreds of case studies, he introduces readers to the homesick racehorse who “told” of her depression and was cured, the cockatoo who was concerned about his owner's mental problems, and the two lost cats who telepathically guided their owners to them from thousands of miles away.

The skeptic and the animal lover in you will learn the history of animal communication, see the compelling evidence of animal reincarnation, and find out how to use your untapped mind power to form the psychic links necessary to “converse” with animals.

Table of Contents

1You can Talk with Animals if You're Psychic - and We're All Psychic
2The Plight of Robbie the Cockatoo
3How People Get Started Chatting with Animals
4Ways That Animals and Humans Exchange Information
5The Complicated Emotional Lives of Animals
6How Communicators Have Helped Heal Animals Physically
7Workshops That Can Train You in Animal Communication
8A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Communicating
9When Your Beloved Animal Dies
10Do Animals Reincarnate?
11Ghosts of Animals?
12Finding Lost Animals Through Telepathy
13Communicating with Wild Animals, Trees, Bushes, Slugs, and the Occasional Rock
14Are Some Animals Poets?
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Appendix A: Further Reading
Appendix B: Professional Animal Communicators
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