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Edgar Cayce Library Series

This series of 24 hardcover volumes contains a comprehensive collection of verbatim extracts from the Edgar Cayce readings on a range of specific topics. It is a unique resource to those who want to review or research the original readings.

It is not available any more as a complete set as most volumes are now out of print and can only be found on the second-hand market (see below).

Vol. 1:     On Life and Death
Vol. 2:     Meditation, Part I
Vol. 3:     Meditation, Part II
Vol. 4:     Dreams and Dreaming, Part I
Vol. 5:     Dreams and Dreaming, Part II
Vol. 6:     Early Christian Epoch
Vol. 7:     Study Group Readings
Vol. 8:     Psychic Development
Vol. 9:     Psychic Awareness
Vol. 10:   Jesus the Pattern
Vol. 11:   Christ Consciousness
Vol. 12:   Daily Living
Vol. 13:   Attitudes and Emotions, Part I (A-E)
Vol. 14:   Attitudes and Emotions, Part II (F-L)
Vol. 15:   Attitudes and Emotions, Part III (M-Z)
Vol. 16:   Expanded Search for God - Part I
Vol. 17:   Expanded Search for God - Part II
Vol. 18:   Astrology - Part I
Vol. 19:   Astrology - Part II
Vol. 20:   Mind
Vol. 21:   Soul Development
Vol. 22:   Atlantis
Vol. 23:   Egypt at the Time of Ra Ta - Part I
Vol. 24:   Egypt at the Time of Ra Ta - Part II

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