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16 Clues to Your Past Lives!

A Guide to Discovering Who You Were

Barbara Lane, Ph.D.

Cover of 16 Clues to Your Past Lives!

You are a walking billboard about your past lives - and so are those around you. We all literally wear clues to our past lives on our sleeves. We also put them in our closets and on our bookshelves, watch then at the movies, and reflect them in our careers. After discovering your own 16 past-life clues, you will be able to begin piecing together your personal past-life puzzle, including the roles of those around you - both past and present. You will see that you are a multidimensional being and that death is just a chance to refill your spiritual gas tank for the next trip!

Discover how to find past-life clues in your present life and piece them together:
Recognize the clues to your past lives in this life.
Explore ways to weave those clues together.
Learn to interpret what those clues may say about past lives.
See your relationships in a new way based on your discoveries.

Table of Contents

Clue 1:
Clue 2:
Clue 3:
Clue 4:
Clue 5:
Clue 6:
Clue 7:
Clue 8:
Clue 9:
Clue 10:
Clue 11:
Clue 12:
Clue 13:
Clue 14:
Clue 15:
Clue 16:
Interest in a Certain Historical Time Period
Fascination with a Geographical Area or Setting
Art, Artifacts, Music, Dance that Resonate
Your Taste in Fashion, Jewelry, and Home Decor
Movies and Books that Resonate
Vocations, Avocations, Education
Knowledge or Talent Beyond Experience
Recurring Patterns
Physical Reactions, Sensations, Emotions
Dreams and Visions
Déja Vu
Strong Feelings About Someone You've Just Met
Preferences and Personilities
Joking About Past Lives
Synchronistic Experiences
How to Interpret Your Clues
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