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New Titles

Walt Stover

Cover of Dreams, My Lamp Unto the Darkness

Dreams, My Lamp Unto the Darkness

Kevin Todeschi

Cover of Edgar Cayce on Vibrations

Edgar Cayce on Vibrations

J. Van Auken

Cover of Toward a Deeper Meditation

Toward a Deeper Meditation

J. Sherbenou

Cover of Edgar Cayce and A Course in Miracles

Edgar Cayce and A Course in Miracles

Edgar Cayce

Cover of Soul and Spirit

Soul & Spirit

Edgar Cayce

Cover of Reincarnation and Karma

Reincarnation & Karma

Edgar Cayce

Cover of Psychic Sense

The Psychic Sense

F. D. Kliment

Cover of The Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet

The Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet

Mark Thurston

Cover of Willing to Change

Willing to Change

Greg Little

Cover of The Ancient Bimini Harbor

The Ancient Bimini Harbor (DVD)

Greg Little

The ARE's Search for Atlantis

The ARE's Search for Atlantis (DVD)

Greg Little

Cover of The Yucatan Hall of Records

The Yucatan Hall of Records (DVD)

Darah Meeley

Cover of Edgar Cayce the Beautiful Dreamer - DVD

Edgar Cayce, the
Beautiful Dreamer


Edgar Cayce

Cover of The New Edgar Cayce CD-ROM

The New
Edgar Cayce

Istvan Fazekas

Cover of The Alkalizing Diet

The Alkalizing Diet

Kevin Todeschi

Cover of Family Karma

Family Karma

T. Lee Baumann

Cover of Window to God

Window to God

R. Peterson

Cover of In a Waking State

In a Waking

W. Hutton
& J. Eagle

Earth's Catastrophic Past & Future

Earth's Catastrophic Past & Future

Hugh Lynn

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Overcoming Fear
and Anxiety

A.R.E. Editors

Cover of Edgar Cayce's Egypt

Edgar Cayce's


Cover of The Essential Edgar Cayce

The Essential
Edgar Cayce

Traci L. Slatton

Cover of Piercing Time & Space

Piercing Time & Space

Who Was Edgar Cayce?

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Many Edgar Cayce-related books have also been published in foreign languages, most of them translations of original works in English. French, Italian and Spanish titles are already available and can be ordered on line. Other languages will follow soon.

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